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Aromatherapy for Babies and Children

An IFPA and FHT accredited CPD course.
6 IFPA CPD points, 5 FHT CPD points

Designed with both professional and lay aromatherapists in mind, this compact course explores the character and therapeutic value of different essential oils, blends and hydrolats, and gives practical advice on how to use aromatherapy massage techniques in the safe treatment of common childhood ailments.

It is also explained how appropriate massage can help a child feel emotionally secure and how aromatherapy is pivotal in the early parent/child bonding process. The course also includes a brief discussion of olfaction, and there are several short multiple-choice tests to help the student monitor their progress as they go, and to evaluate their growing understanding of this fascinating subject.

£72 inc VAT

More e-learning aromatherapy courses will be available soon